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Agnes Romaniuk Nature Photographer and Illustrator

Hello Folks !


I hope that at Walk Beyond Horizon together we will listen to the birds, watch sunrises and sunsets, walk among the wild nature in the fresh air and fragrant flowers with relaxing sights and sounds.


Across this website you'll find my blog about plants, pollinators, landscapes and places seen through my eyes, a portfolio of my nature photographs and my art creations - drawings and illustrations.


I have taken photographs since early childhood and it is my passion and also a good excuse to go outside, unplug, spend time in amazing surroundings and endless places to find Mother Nature shows off.

But "WHAT IF" you imagine that nature no longer thriving, and what would you miss if it disappeared?


Walks without birds singing?

Forests without trees?

Flowers without butterflies and bees?


I will try to show you nature from a different perspective that you may not know and more you can find out on my blog.

And, in case you're wondering, WALK BEYOND HORIZON means - The Earth is still BEYOND what you see.

I hope that I can help promote the importance of nature for physical and mental health and for tackling climate change.

I offer a wide range of nature photography and illustrations, focusing on capturing the wonder of the natural world.

Please contact me at:


If you are a like-minded enthusiast and interested in collaborating, please write to me.​

You can also find out more about my other work in links below :






  • walk beyond horizon agnes R - Soundcloud
  • Agnes R Flickr Photostream
  • @Ag.R Youtube channel
  • Agnes Romaniuk LinkedIn
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