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Calm and relaxing walk along riverside

I went for a walk along the river. The sound of running water is always restful for me, whether it is gentle burble of the stream or more rush of steep waterfall.

The river along which I was walking flows swiftly with meanders and around small islands. In one place you can even see high banks forming a kind of gorge. Walking along the shore I could admire the unusual mood and beautiful views contrasting with the surrounding valley and forestless field landscape. Along the river mostly grow trees, like oaks, ashes and sycamore, which are plenty of wonderful creatures like spiders and beetles.

It was early April and the plants were just beginning to turn green. The banks of the river and the paths were covered with yellow marsh marigold flowers. These flowers are among the first to bloom in spring.

I stopped for a moment and looked at the river, which gently hummed and reflected the sun's rays.

Goyt River, New Mills High Peak along the green trees
Goyt River, New Mills High Peak, Copyright © Agnes Romaniuk

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