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Carrots, Apples and Milk. What are Your Taste of Childhood Days ?

Feeling peckish or you hate veggies fruits and milk?

two baskets of apples in green and red colour on the table with information frame about origin of fruits
Apples from Orchard of Sizergh Hall National Trust (United Kingdom) | Copyright AGNES ROMANIUK SEP 2023

I have no problem with it and I eat tons of fruit and vegetables, although I am not a vegetarian. I like apples the most, sometimes I can eat 4 in a day. My family similar and they are also not vegetarians.

The greatest joy for us is growing our own fruit and vegetables in the garden. Yes, I know we are lucky because not everyone has a garden or allotment. But this is not a problem, because some vegetables and even fruits can be grown in pots and next you can create with fresh ingredients a dish or sweet treat baked in own kitchen.

Above photo of my favourite fruits from Sizergh Hall National Trust. For small coins I could take as many apples to try as I could carry :) (laugh)

Do you like pumpkins? I do, and I remember my Mom made delicious sweet cubes that we had in glass jars in our pantry. If you want I can send you the recipe, just leave a comment below or email me. Those pumpkins are my taste of childhood like ,,Home Sweet Home''.

Fall is the time of year when pumpkins are harvested. I really like the color of these vegetables. But wait, is it a vegetable or actually a fruit?

Pumpkin is a fruit because it is a product with seeds inside, so why they are not a veggies? Because vegetables are leaves, stems, roots, bulbs and flowers and everything that starts with flowers from botanical perspective is a fruit.

Orange, green, beige, white pumpkins on shelves display and flowers pots on each side
Pumpkins display at Clumber Park Nottingham (UK)

Milk is a different story, but more on that next time.


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