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Castlefield Viaduct - Spirit of Place. My walk to National Trust in the middle of the busy city.

,,Leaving the Manchester city buzz behind and walking over the Castlefiled Viaduct, (which is a National Trust gem) you almost feel separate from the rest of the city.''

A walk around the city center does not have to be boring or among the bustle of the streets. I found out for myself when I was walking in Manchester.

Imagine that on an old railway bridge you will admire wonderful flowers in various colours or trees that will soon bear fruit, such as apples. And all around you can hear busy bumblebees and bees pollinating flowers. Sounds a bit like a fairy tale, but this is the reality of Manchester City.

Castlefield Viaduct is part of the National Trust and reflects Manchester`s status as the world first industrial city.

This viaduct was built to meet the growing demands for transport connections to the city- for recreation travel and freight. The viaduct has been left untouched since its closure in 1969. Now it is wonderful urban park in the heart of the city.

Flowers which grow here, creating meadow carpets on both sides. On the plot you can see fruit and popular trees, that we meet every day in cities, such as Birch, English Oak, Sycamore and Hawthorn.

All these trees bring great benefits such as cooling the city, reducing the risk of flooding, improving air quality and locking in carbon dioxide. Trees also provide habitats for wildlife.

There are plenty of pollinators in the Castlefield Viaduct. I was able to take some photos and videos about these insects, and some of them you can see in my post here.

You can't hear all the hustle and bustle of the street, although the trains are passing by, and in the background you can hear rehearsals of the concert that was to take place in the evening.

Here you can really feel that this allotment puts you in a positive and relaxing mood. The world is just more beautiful here !

When you pass by various places and corners where you can see trees and flowers and even a mini pond and birdhouses, it seems to you that it is not possible that these wonderful mini gardens and meadows could be created on the old railway bridge.

This is a real Castlefield`s Viaduct spirit.


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