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Pollinators - Friendly Daffodils in Our Gardens

One of the most popular of all spring blooming flowers are daffodils.

The vibrant yellow colour of funy shaped flowers always catches the eyes of passers by. And they are so lovely and delicate.

a yellow petalls daffodils with green stalk growing in a group
Macro photography of a group of daffodils in lawn at Hare Hill Alderley Edge National Trust, © Agnes Romaniuk

Daffodils can thrive in sun and light shade. The name of those flowers is used when the middle cup is as long as or longer than the petals.

Planted in autumn from bulbs in grassland or borders, they will bloom in early spring. Just like now in my garden and in many other places around — in the parks, near woodlands and as wild flowers.

Daffodils are one of my favourite spring flowers and I even wrote a short poem about them.

The flood of yellow appear over horizon,

And lightened up landscape with delicate trumpets,

Gently and sweet breath of wind touching them,

Like a radiant, newly and softly fragranced Zen,

The palette of blue, green and yellow intensity thrills,

blooms and dancing abundant in shine,

What would a Nature be without daffodils?

The daffodils are pollinators- friendly bulb flowers. The bright yellow colour of petals are very attractive for pollinators, like for example bees and bumblebees.

And the below is my miniature of daffodil created with ball pencils, fineliners and colour brush pens on chalk paper.

a daffodil with yellow petals and trumped flower growing in green lawn illustration on small piece of paper
Miniature of daffodil flower on chalk paper, © Agnes Romaniuk

Author of Walk Beyond Horizon Nature Photography & illustrations


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