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Daisy Nook Country Park – Heaven for Wildlife and Fun Day

We pack a family picnic and went for a fun and active day out in Daisy Nook Country Park.

The weather was favourable and sunny and the canal pathway was popular for recreation, fishing and picnics.

The park is plenty of grassy areas for sitting and enjoying the scenery. We have found tons of meadows, canal, woodlands, landscape of river and even a lake.

The park is amazing place for wildlife and birds watching. Surprisingly, we have seen the swan in nest and moorhens, coots with chicks, and even heron.

Daisy Nook is a great place for walk through the woodlands and meadows at any time of year and the beautiful reward is nature`s fantastic sights and sounds.

If you are thinking about a day out with children or as an attractive place for a walk away from the rush, this is a pleasant and unforgettable place.

Woodland pathway in the Daisy Nook nature country park. Girl walking on the pathway and looking for wooden sticks and leaves
Daisy Nook woodland pathway

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