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The Deers – My Autumn Adventure

Updated: Feb 11

Autumn is a great time to head outdoors, enjoy a colourful walk and look for the nature.

I went to the Lyme Park to set off to explore the woods. As I walked on, saw the parkland full of sounds and colours – the golden leaves falling, mushrooms, trees, late flowers blooming and droplets.

When the path split into two, and I wondered in which way turn on, saw the groups of the deers and it was the most amazing moment. Autumn is the time of the deer rut- this is a fascinating time when the deer make a families.

During the rut the male deer will dress their antlers with grass, and make loud bellows across the parkland.

The male deers might even lock antlers and push each other around.

I saw a graceful doe moving gracefully and lightly between the trees. A deer was striding close by. Deer are much more magnificent and massive animals than roe deer. Such a deer can weigh up to 200 kg, and a roe deer about 100 kg.

I have seen two species of deer, Red and Fallow. They are wild and can roam free over the parkland. Red deer are red or brown and Fallow deer are lighter with white spots.

I came very close and even made a video about those beautiful animals.

I was lucky to come across a couple of groups of these animals during their mating season.

The deer marks its occupied area and often digs one or more holes of which it stays and thus attracting the doe.

The sound of the deers bellowing, clashing antlers echoes through the trees and is such amazing and impressive.

What sounds and colours can you hear and see this autumn?


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