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Flowering Almond and Sweet Almond Fragrance in Spring

Almond tree, Rose flower on the twig, Copyright © Agnes R
Almond tree, Rose flower on the twig, Copyright © Agnes R

A beautiful Good Friday morning and following Easter weekend is a really great opportunity to enjoy the colors of flowers, whether in the garden, in the park or somewhere far away from home.

This is good to spend some time in my garden. This is my refuge and a quiet, beloved place where I can finally work and prepare the garden to welcome spring.

In my garden there are plenty of fruit trees, flowers and shrubs. The first spring flowers have already bloomed, such as sapphires, tulips, primroses and daffodils.

But, I always wait for the first flowers of my Almond Tree ( Prunus triloba).

Already at the end of March, the first flowers, such as tiny roses of Almond Tree, appeared and usually they bloom in April and May. Its stems almost bend with delicate pink roses on delicate twigs. This mini tree is a harbinger of spring. In my garden, the blooming of its flowers usually coincides with the blooming of the daffodils. Its flowers appear earlier than the leaves and in the bud phase are first light pink, then pale pink and then white.

If you ask me why this small tree or shrub is called the almond tree, I will surprise you that it is not because of the fruit like the almond, but because of the delicate and sweet scent of the flowers, namely almonds.

By the way, whether you celebrate Easter or not, I wish you and your family and friends a wonderful spring time. Spring is this splendid time, when all nature comes to life again. For us, it is also a time of change, challenges, freshness and mutual care.

Pink flowers of Almond Tree, Copyright © Agnes R
Pink flowers of Almond Tree, Copyright © Agnes R

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