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Follow the Warren of Alleys to Scottish Edinburgh Castle

Updated: Apr 27

If you remember from my last post, I went to visit Edinburgh and its surroundings for the first time in my life. Edinburgh is Scotland's Capital city, where ancient history and stunning scenery blend with city life. There is no shortage of things to see in this outstanding historic city.

I visited Edinburgh on foot. The first place I went to was Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle on the hill and with surrounding park, Copyright © Agnes R, April 2023
Edinburgh Castle, Copyright © Agnes R, April 2023

As I walked down the ridge below the castle and saw these narrowing alleys, I realized how steep it was.

On the way to the castle, in one street, people suddenly took out their cameras and mobile phones to capture a picture of a certain place. At first I didn't know why they were all there, but after a while, I noticed a sign with the name of the street. It was Ramsay Garden, a private street. I also took a photo. Why not?


The castle stands on a hill. Magnificent Castle has been at the centre of Scottish life for over 900 years. It served as a royal palace, armoury, weapons foundry, a state prison, a place of storage for the crown jewels and an infantry barracks.

The square in front of the main gate seems overwhelmingly large. Edinburgh is Scotland's Capital city, where ancient history and stunning scenery blend with city life. There is no shortage of things to see in this outstanding historic city.

On the way to the Edinburgh Castle visitors from all over the world gathered at the gate and explored the panorama of the city.

The weather was favourable. It was sunny day and blue sky with joyful clouds.

From the castle there is an extraordinary panorama of the city and everyone visiting this place climbs the stairs near the walls to see it. You can see the opposite shore and the sea, and beyond, small rocky, densely forested islands.

From there you can also see the park surrounding the castle, full of daffodils. There are lots of greenery, trees and flowers around the castle. The whole of Edinburgh is a very green place. At every step, there is a park, a green square or a monument among the greenery.

There is also a cannon on the square from which a shot is fired every day at the same time. Everyone is waiting for this moment. It is called One o`clock Gun and old tradition. You can find the cannon when you pass Porticullis Gate. I was lucky enough to capture the moment of big BANG! on my YouTube Channel here :

It is not possible to take a photo everywhere in the castle as there are restrictions in some places. This place is for example ancient room where the crown, sceptre and sword of state used in the coronation of Mary Queen of Scots in 1543 are displayed. I couldn't take any photographs inside.

My favourite place is the St. Margaret Chapel, which is the oldest building in Edinburgh Castle. Built around 1130. Can you imagine how many centuries it has survived? It was probably part of a great stone tower. It is dedicated to the Queen Margaret, who lived in castle in the late 1000s. I like the stained glass windows in the chapel. Each tells an interesting story.

The next interesting place is the Well, which for 500 years up to the 19th century was the castle’s main water supply. It is 34 meters deep but the water level was never enough to meet the demand.

Museum of the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) and The Royal Regiment of Scotland are my next visited places at the castle. There are many exhibitions of weapons from different periods and mainly medals. There are also medals with the image of HM Queen Elisabeth II.

The great impression on visitors, including me make a Military Prison. These prisons have been recreated to look as they may have been done in 1781. The dungeons of Edinburgh Castle served as a place of detention for prisoners of war for over 50 years.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of some of the paintings in the castle, including the impressive portrait of Nicolas II.

Above- Edinburgh Castle`s exhibitions and buildings. Copyright © Agnes R., April 2023

That day I also walked in the park near the hill on which the castle stands. But I will tell you about this and other places in Edinburgh next time.


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