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Gothic Lincoln Cathedral Bells Ringing

,,In the sound of the cathedral bells I feel nostalgia, that touches my heart deeply.'' (Agnes

I went to see Lincoln city in United Kingdom and I fell in love with the Cathedral bells concert. There was a Steampunks event that day and the whole city looked like it was from a completely different time.

I loved seeing people dressed in amazing clothes that might be strange or peculiar to some of us, but it captured the spirit of the Gothic Lincoln Cathedral Bells so deeply.

Below is my photo of the front of this architectural wonder, the Lincoln Cathedral.

Front of the Lincoln Cathedral with view on the windows and towers
Front of Lincoln Cathedral | Copyright AGNES ROMANIUK August 27th 2023

The cathedral was opened in 1092, and from 1311 for over 200 years it was the tallest building in the world. It was 160 meters. In the 12th century, the cathedral also experienced an earthquake and was severely damaged.

Lincoln Cathedral have a 13 hung for change ringing; 20 in total (13 in South West tower, 2 in North West tower and 5 in the central tower).

Usually church bells ring all year round, commemorating important events.

Why do the bells of Lincoln Cathedral ring today?

Lincoln is one of the few places that still has a curfew, reminding residents to cover up and go to bed. The twin bells of St. Mary's Northeast Tower have been ringing for many years and ring when the Cathedral closes for the night.

Today at Lincoln Cathedral there is morning prayer, Eucharist at 12:30, choral evening song in the late afternoon, and in the evening - Lincoln Lions - Welsh Male Voice choir and Military Wives Choir.

I heard the Eucharist at noon and that's what it sounds like. Below is my Soundcloud track. Just click and you can hear cathedral bells. Isn't that cool? 😊.

At first I thought that this big event was maybe a wedding ceremony and hence the ringing bells that could be heard throughout the city center.

In front of the gate, people from all over the world were walking around the cathedral, and some were lining up to ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Photo story of Lincoln Cathedral - Copyright Agnes Romaniuk 2023

The enormity of this place is very impressive, both inside and outside, and nature blends beautifully in the architectural details.


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