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Green and Blue Spaces in the Cities - Unlocking the Benefits of Urban Green Places

Updated: Feb 11

We are surrounded by plants and trees. Even if you live in the middle of a big city, there are a plant and tree somewhere near you. For those living in cities, green and blue spaces are often an oasis of silence broken by singing birds or pleasant buzzing of insects.

Ashton Moss Lake Nature Reservoir (Greater Manchester UK) with wild birds
Ashton Moss Lake Nature Reservoir (Greater Manchester UK) with wild birds

A few know today that green urban spaces provide us with many benefits that we are not aware of or without which our life would be impossible or very difficult.

They are by far the largest oxygen plant, they also trap dust and fumes. Trees and green spaces also have a soothing effect on our climate and regulate air humidity or reduce winds. They also retain huge amounts of water, thus preventing flooding.

We need green areas not only because of the recreational role. Examples include the current climate change and extreme heat.

Blue spaces, even those small significantly affect our mental well-being, reducing the level of oxidative stress.

Where there are no green spaces or trees, the soil dries out quickly, the groundwater level drops, which in turn affects the water level in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

It's all a system of inter connections. If there are no green and blue spaces, trees and plants in cities, there are also no animals and insects.

I use those places to unplug and find my inner peace in the nature. I like to go for long walk at the small lake in my area or to the park. Sometimes I use to observe the birds on the trees around me.

So what can we do to improve this condition?

Definitely promoting and educating about living activity in green spaces, and creating more parks, green corridors for animals, birds and shelters for insects.

Reducing concrete and asphalt places and supporting biodiversity initiatives.

There are still places that will surely provide a home and protection for wild animals.

Recently I found out that there is such a place right on the outskirts of my city. A small pond with reeds, bushes and trees all around. I was surprised that there were birds of many species, such as: Eurasian coot, Swan, Heron, Muscovy Duck.

We need more places like this and we should protect the ones we already have.


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