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Green Berlin - Panorama view from Siegessäule Tower

I'm living my dream of seeing one of the greenest capitals of Europe- Berlin.

Panorama view on Berlin
Copyright ©️ Agnes Romaniuk - Panorama view on Berlin from Siegessäule tower

Apart from important places in Berlin you can also see the tower called Siegessäule (Victory Column), which is in the park Großer Tiergarten. You'd better not ask how long it takes to get to the top, because the stairs look like a never end. From here you can see a panorama exactly like the one I captured in the photo above.

Designed by Friedrich Drake, the tower has a total height 67 meters. Inside the column there are stairs (285 steps) leading to a viewing platform located at a height of 50 meters. Above the tower is a huge statue of Victoria goddess with a height of 8.3 meters and a weight of 35 tons.

Not far from the Siegessäule tower there is an underground pedestrian passage where you can sometimes hear extremely talented people, who play the violin better than many virtuosos. You can listen to this short song on my Soundcloud here:

I could also see a small swallow's nest hidden right next to the ceiling of the underground passage.What a place they chose to live 🥰.

Trees, bushes and all kinds of green places can be found at every step of this city and this view is amazing once you see it from the Siegessäule tower.

These green spaces are just heroes in a concrete places by cooling air, improving our mental health, reduce carbon and also improve aesthetic of cities.


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