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Green Edinburgh

Cherries trees and walk path, with passers-by in baground
Walk in the Princess Street Park, Copyright © Agnes R

There are plenty of green spaces in Edinburgh. When you walk through the streets of this city, you will see green squares, parks and monuments at every step.

Near Edinburgh Castle is also the West Princess Street Garden, where in addition to the captivating greenery, trees and flowers, you can see the statue of Wojtek, the bear with a Polish soldier. Wojtek's monument was erected to commemorate his merits during World War II, during which he fought in the Polish army.

Statue of Wojtek bear with polish sodier, green trees in the backround
Wojtek with Polish soldier, Copyright ©, Agnes R.

In the capital of Scotland there is also the Royal Botanic Garden, which was founded over 350 years ago. This place is huge and has over 38,000 plants from all over the world, including plants that are extinct in nature.

Daffodils and trees at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Copyright © Agnes R.

My favorite place is the Rock Garden and the collection of multicolored rhododendrons. A photo of one of these beautiful shrubs can be seen in my portfolio.

Leaving this garden, you feel how much we need plants in our world and that it is worth supporting the work of parks and gardens.

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