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Greenness in the Garden

When the sun finally shone outside the window, I couldn't resist the temptation to spend more time in the garden. And not only on the greater care of all plants.

It was here that I created my dream space, and then ... I let nature act.

I share my garden with nature. I invited animals by building insects and birdhouses, planting flowers and trees that attract pollinators.

Today I saw the first bees and bumblebees pollinating Wisteria, which is sprinkled with white and purple flowers. There were also spiders and moths. My red clover that I've been sowing for the last two years has finally grown almost to my knees.

You can imagine what a wonderful feeling it is when you can sit on such a soft clover carpet or lie on a hammock among this thicket of greenery, singing birds and the gentle breeze of the wind.

In this blissful silence, you can even hear your own thoughts.

Copyright © Agnes Romaniuk

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