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Hello Autumn! Let`s Hike in October

Updated: Feb 11

As we are in the middle of the autumn and the weather is amazingly warm and unusual in October, it is a good time to reconnect with Nature or rediscovering favourite green spaces all over again.

We have our local park, where we like to come back on and on for chasing positive vibes.

Today the bees, bumblebees and even butterflies freely foraged on a wealth of the asters, dahlias and St. John`s Wort flowers.

I was lucky to see the Red Admiral butterly pollinating the clouds of star shaped asters with yellow centres in sunlight. How beautiful and magic moment!

Those bright flowers that are very attractive for pollinators, will blooming until late autumn and please our eye long yet.

The contrast of trees foliage painted in the shades of fall - turning in yellow, orange and deep red is amazing.

On my walk I have seen the scarlet red maple leaf which have very attractive five - lobed shape.

Red Maple Leaf, October 2022
Red Maple Leaf, October 2022

I am really pleased with my walk today and it was good day too. So, let`s switch off for a while and look around for the Nature.

Hello autumn!


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