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Mow the Lawn. What Happens if You Don`t Mow the Lawn?

Some of us seem to regard autumn as the closed season in the parks, garden and green spaces. The end of the season should certainly be as much colourful as possible with vivid flowers.

Clover flower with pink petals and green leaves in my lawn
Clover flower in my lawn

Scalped lawn in the parks and gardens could take on the gloomy appearance, but plant just a few well-chosen colourful flowering plants and it will have a year round framework that never looks totally bare and will attracts the pollinators.

It`s easy to mown the lawn, but it`s boring, not only for us human but also for pollinators and birds.

Focal points-like for example: trees, flowers, pots with plants give your eyes something eye-catching and it is as ,,full stop’’. at the end of the sentence. The same is for pollinators and for birds.

We think about mowing lawn in early autumn and we think each cut encourage the grass to grow more.

Obviously mowing helps make your grass grow thicker, but mowing too short or scalping, results in stress to the grass plant and is not attractive to pollinators and birds.

Last year I made some experiment and sowed Clover in early September. In next spring season it was well settled, flowered and attracted bees, bumblebees and even some butterflies .

I realised that another benefit of it was, that I did not need mow my lawn. The soil is always well moisturised, and lawn stays evergreen even in the dry summer. All my fruit trees have not lost a single leaf as usually happens in the time of extremely dry summers.

And finally, I love sit on my lawn in spring or summer and don`t need use the blanket, save the time for mowing and electricity too. I think this is absolutely great idea with clover.

It is stupid for anyone to pronounce that only mowed lawn should be in the parks or gardens, but it is equally wrong to try to create a parks and the gardens, green spaces with monocultural grass alone.

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