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Is the Gothic Mont Saint Michel Abbey in Normandy a Chillin' Man-Made and Natural wizardry?

Once In A Blue Moon

The Story of Gothic Mont Saint Michel Abbey in French Normandy

It is believed that the long history of Mount-Saint-Michel dates back to the year 708, when Bishop Aubert had a dream in which Saint Michael the Archangel appeared to him three times and that why he decided to build abbey here.

The abbey soon became a pilgrimage destination and visited even by French King Phillippe Auguste to Francois I and Benedictines settled here.

Today Mont Saint Michel Abbey is unique example of military architecture, but make sure you are prepared for walking a whopping amount of stairs.

Through my walk I found that the Mont Saint Michel Abbey has been listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco since 1979.

Below is my shot I have took on my way to the Monk Saint Michel Abbey. It`s look really taken out from Disney story (Cinderella or you name it... Harry Potter maybe (ヅ). You can download this photo, if you ask me earlier for permission/consent and the reason why you want share it somewhere.

Mont abbey on the background of greenery and cloudy sky
Mont- Saint -Michel Abbey| Copyright Agnes Romaniuk September 2023

I decide to walk to the abbey, even though I had the option of taking the bus that takes tourists to the very top so that they don't get tired. It wasn't far, and along the way I could hear a wandering flute player sitting close to the path I was passing.

Blue and pink abbey on the mount Agnes Romaniuk is an author of photography
AI image transformed from Agnes Romaniuk Mont Saint Michel Abbey

Several significant films were shot here, such as Armageddon or a documentary film about Sandra (check Enigma and you will know what I gonna to say), a German singer whose music is extremely close to me.

Walking around St. Abbey Michel may give you the impression, that it is an image of Paradise.

Walking to the main entrance, mean to the staircases, I saw like an image taken from medieval times when chickens were free-range and enjoying their lives. Here is the hen I met in the Abbey. She didn't look scared ヅ.

A red top hen with brown feathers sit at stone wall at St Michel Abbey France
Hen at Mont Saint Michel Abbey France | Copyright Agnes Romaniuk

In the courtyard, my attention was drawn to a group of people who were closely observing the crowd entering the abbey as well as those who had the courage to enter the water and, together with a guide, wander towards a lonely island in the sea bay. The view is amazing, because the people look like little ants.

People walking on the bridge and grey water surrounds the both sides of Saint Michel Abbey France | Agnes Romaniuk
Visitors going to Saint Michel Abbey| Copyright Agnes Romaniuk 2023

I met a man on my way to the Abbey of Mount Saint Michel in Normandy, who played on whistle flute. There are some noisy sounds in the background due to my walking, but I hope you will somehow hear these sounds and have fun. I wonder what the title is of this music or maybe you know it and would share it with me in the comments?

Next part of my photo story from St Michel Abbey in France tomorrow....Thanks for watching.

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