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Larches and Pine Trees of Dove Stone Reservoir

Larch branch with new, spring green neddles
Larch branch with new spring neddles, Copyright © Agnes R.

At Dove Stone the larches have sprouted their first conifer needles and form a wonderful backdrop to other trees and landscape.

Their needles are seasonal and they fall with the onset of autumn, but before this, they turn yellow. Larches are trees that grow very quickly and grow about one meter per year. On the larches I also saw small cones, which on these trees are growing upwards.

Dove Stone is a very sunny place and larches grow perfectly in such places. These trees are also resistant to air pollution.

Dove Stone abounds in both deciduous and coniferous trees. Many of these trees are young and have grown by self-sowing in favorable habitat conditions. There are also many perennial trees, for example spruces.

A group of green spruces  and hills in the valley of Dove Stone
Spruces in the valley of Dove Stone, Copyright © Agnes R.

The power of nature is extraordinary. I saw, for example the young tree grew on a concrete place around overflow tank of the reservoir.

I also saw pine trees along the way. Many of them had fresh and young buds of the neddles.

Although these trees are usually grow in the forest and are very tall, there are also many lower and dwarf species among them. I have seen some of them on my trip in Dove Stone.

A branch of pine  with yellow and brown flowers - strobili and evergreen neddles
Flowers of the Pine tree - strobili and evergreen neddles, Copyright © Agnes R.

Pines feel great even on dry soils and tolerate drought well. They also tolerates frost well due to its deep-reaching roots in the soil. Unlike larches, these trees have evergreen needles, which they do not shed in the autumn.

Pines neddles are very fragrant and when you gently rub them between your fingers, you will feel the pleasant smell.

If you look carefully, you can see birds that sit on the branches of those trees. I have seen small red robin for a moment and listened his beautiful singing.

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