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Leaf falling ...AUTUMN`S Nature Portrait

It is that time of the year when you think the Nature is something to be put awayand left until next spring, but when autumn arrives and trees leaves start falling, everything look like magically painted.

It is a great time for us to explore the beauty of Nature, relax, and spent time with friends and family.

If you are fancy a fun - filled day out or even just want to explore the natural world on your doorstep you don`t need go far away.

There are plenty of Nature trails to walk, parks, woodlands and green spaces to walk and admire in autumn time.

My weekend destination was local park and I explored many places there, even did not ever know about before. Walk into Nature always help me blow my worries away and bring in the countless new experiences.

This year the weather really favour and is warm and sunny most of the days, so such days pollinators and plant really like too.

The bees still pollinating flowers and there still some of the flowers blooming, just because of the very unusual mild weather in October. As long will be quiet reasonable temperature outside, those insects will be actively work.

I just seen plenty of pollinators today in the park and really couldn`t stop watching those incredible insects.

Just look for my photographs how colourful autumn is around us.

It is Asters time for blooming and in greece language means ''STAR'' . Aster is a true star in autumnal season.

I especially love the purple light colour of those flowers, which in sunny day looks magical. Those flowers start blooming at the end of August and sometimes until last days of October. Love the shape of those daisy - like and astonishing, simple flowers and they well compose with the other plants too.

The beautiful purple colour of the Asters is very attractive for pollinators. How beautiful moment to see, when bee landed on the flower and collecting pollen, simply preparing for fortcoming winter.

Rudbeckia is very fascinating flower, which blooming between the end of August and until October. The yellow vibrant colour of petals is as a magnet for pollinators- bees and bumblebees love it. They are so eye-catching even in very rainy day.

Rudbeckia flower with yellow petals and brown middle
Rudbeckia flower with yellow petals and brown middle


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