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Old Memories - Trip to Dunham Massey National Trust

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Dunham Massey is sprawling, wooded area on a regal estate, home to free-roaming fallow deer, ancient trees & trails. Rich in wildlife, the park is also home to a herd of more than 150 fallow deer. This place is called a deer sanctuary.

This was the middle of the autumn sometime ago, and well wrapped up, I went to Dunham Massey National Trust to breathe and relax. The deer do the same, showing their thicker winter coats in all their glory. A special sight for the happy visitors is to watch the deer as they explore the park with their herd.

Fawns are rarely seen in the first few weeks of their life. I have been lucky to take a couple of photos. Maybe not as great but I am only amateur.

The herd are on the move and they roam the park in search of their next meal.

If you take a walk in the wider park, you'll almost certainly see them chew the grass or reach out to eat low-hanging leaves.

The park was a good walk and I saw a lot of deers. What a great afternoon it was!


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