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Mallows Favorite Flowers of Bumblebees and a Glamorous Lure for Pollinators

Mallows are often related with a rural picture, where these picturesque flowers grow against the background of white walls or high wooden fences.

Yellow and black striped bumblebee with pollen on the wings and brushed body pollinating mallow pink flower
Bumblebee pollinating pink mallow flower - Photo from my garden Copyright © Agnes Romaniuk

The mallow stems are so tall that they look as if they were specially made to stand along high walls or fences.

These glamorous flowers are very tall and can grow up to 2-3 meters and so they are such now in my garden. Sometimes you can meet mallow in urban green spaces too.

Mallow flowers grow in a variety of colors and the most common are white, pink, red, yellow, purple and very dark purple.

These flowers bloom right now in July and until the end of August. Flowers bloom gradually from the bottom up.

Mallows are a real paradise for bumblebees and also among the favorite flowers of pollinators, for example for bees and butterflies.

Bumblebees love to roll in mallow pollen. You can see it how the bumblebee can surround itself with pollen in my photo above.

The bumblebee I photographed spent a lot of time inside mallow and was covered in yellow pollen all over its fluffy body.

Both mallows and bumblebees like the sun. Beautifully colored mallow petals attract and lure bumblebees for pollination, so when you look at the bumblebees inside the flower, they look like fascinated and enchanted those flowers.

Mallows are an excellent source of food for pollinators, such like bumblebees, hoverflies and butterflies.

My photo session of bumblebees in flowers lasted quite a long time due to their high activity and windy weather, but simply I couldn't take my eyes off these insects that fall in love with mallows.

That day I took a lot of photos of bumblebees and you can see one of them in my portfolio here:

White petals of mallow flowers on the green stem with yellow centre
White variety of mallow flower in my garden, Copyright © Agnes Romaniuk


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