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Perennial Violas

Do you remember this rhyme?

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you

This is a popular diary entry from my school days when everyone wanted to shine and made this entry. How about you?

There is many name of this flower : Parma violet, wood violet, sweet violet or Perennial Violas.

As soon as warm spring days arrive, Perennial Violas (Viola Odorata) fragrant violets appear immediately, very charming small flowers just under shrubs or fences or in heavily shaded places.

They can even be planted where nothing else wants to grow. There are varieties with white, pink and blue flowers, but the most beautiful ones for me are purple violets. These tiny flowers usually bloom from March to May.

It is characterized by a very sweet and intense smell and therefore it is used in cosmetology. It spreads a wonderful fragrance, especially in the morning and evening. It also repels ticks. It is a sign of spring and a symbol of love.

Parma violet, wood violet, sweet violet
Wild Pereninals Viola , Copyright Agnes R ©, April 2023

Hello, Copyright Agnes R , © April 2023


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