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Picturesque Bowland Forest in Lancashire. Time for a Trip to the Forest, Moor and River

Updated: Mar 28

Wood carving in the Forest of Bowland and spruce trees, Copyright Agnes R.©, March 2023
Wood carving in the Forest of Bowland, Copyright Agnes R.©, March 2023

I've heard many times about this place worth visiting. I decided to check them myself. This place is called the Forest of Bowland and is a very large country and national park.

Today I was at one of those spectacular spots like Beacon Fell Country Park.

I could see and hear a lot of birds and mainly black birds, but there were also curlews and lapwings.

Apparently there are also deer there, but this time I didn't see one. But when you go further you can see heather moorland and spruce woodland, which is amazing compared to where I live. There are not so many trees in my area due to the past industrial revolution and the related deforestation.

In the Beacon Fell is a picnic area right next to the parking lot. You can enjoy the view of the distant Blackpool and from the moorland point you have amazing seaside view. But the greatest impression is made by the forest and its music. Yes, the music here is created by birds, the rustling of leaves, the sounds of wild animals crossing from one edge of the forest to another.

Along the walk way, I see sculptures made of local natural materials, mainly wood, that form a trail. The first is the Orme Sight — the face of a man with a strange expression and a hole in his eye through which you can clearly see beyond the mountains in the distance. Next is a long stone snake like from an ancient Chinese tale, and on the way, I also passed owls and a dragonfly. I am surprised how beautifully they are made, a real masterpiece.

The biggest surprise is the forest. I haven't seen such a place in a long time. On the way, I wanted to have a picnic, but it turned out that the sandwiches I had prepared earlier by mistake had been left at home. Instead, I tried tasty local home-made cookies made of natural ingredients that I can definitely recommend.

The next stop in the same Forest of Bowland is Brock Valley. This place is straight out of an Indiana Jones prep movie if you've ever seen it or fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien.

There is a river with a gusty current and a stone bottom. There is also a forest and everything around is covered with ivy and lichens. The air is almost crystal clear, since I can see lichens.

The Forest of Bowland, Copyright Agnes R.©, March 2023

The next trip is already planned over the horizon to visit... the Forest of Bowland again, but a completely different stop here.


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