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Prune or Not to Prune in the Garden? That is the Question.

We usually have little time to care for the garden, but there comes a time when we need to lightly tidy up our garden or trim too long branches.

Spiders are beneficial insects to our gardens. The spider hanging on the web
Spiders are beneficial insects to our gardens

When thinking about trimming these branches, we should not forget that in our garden also live birds and beneficial insects, so they have their nests and habitats.

With this in mind, we should carefully choose the tool with which we will organize our garden. It certainly won't be a massive petrol or electric trimmer.

Our gardens are anthropogenic environments, shaped by humans, and only we can contribute to the preservation of the richness of species and even to the increase in the number of some of them.

Birds or insects in gardens no less than other animals and plants are threatened by the negative effects of the development of technical civilization.

But what does it actually mean that we can increase the number of insects or birds in the garden?

The apparent pruning of a hedge in spring or autumn with the use of massive tools such as electric or petrol trimmer may not only disrupt the life of insects such as bees, bumblebees or birds, but may also reduce their population, force them to leave the habitat and even die.

Pollinating birds and insects, including bees, no less than other animals, are endangered by the negative effects of the development of technical civilization. For this reason, they need help and protection in all environments, including various types of gardens.

Instead of miracles of technology, we can use an ordinary secateurs.

While tidying up the garden, you can come across nets intricately made by spiders and not all of us like these insects, they are so hairy, but contrary to opinions, they are very useful and needed in the ecosystem.

Spider web in the sunset
Spider web in the sunset

Building webs for hunting by spiders is part of their behavior, and in this way they catch their prey to feed them.

Spiders obviously catch both useful and other harmful insects and do not have the natural instinct to distinguish between the two groups.

But spiders are needed to maintain the natural cycle in nature. By destroying their nets, which are also part of their food, we destroy their habitats and reduce their population.

Pruning of ornamental hedges and shrubs, as well as subsequent cuts should be limited only to removing damaged or crossing branches, very old ones and thicked shrub.

Nursing pruning is highly recommended and after flowering, for example in spring, we can shorten stronger shoots.

The bushes will then be regular and will bloom profusely next year, and the nectar of these flowers will be also food for insects, like bees or bumblebees.

However, we should prune carefully so as not to disturb or destroy the habitats of birds, insects or other animals.

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