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Relaxing Walk Around Lake. At Miniature Seaport Hollingworth Lake Country Park

Another spontaneous and not far away trip.

Canada Geese sits arround lake , in the background green hills, above is blue sky and clouds
Hollingworth Lake Country Park in Littleborough © Agnes Romaniuk

Unplanned trips are my favourite. I usually choose places no more than half an hour to an hour away from home, sometimes a little more.

Hollingworth Lake Country Park for me is like a miniature sunny and seaside resort, but near a man made lake.

I remember reading somewhere that flora and fauna would never settle naturally enough over man-made lakes and other water reserves. Hollingworth Lake is the opposite of that.

This lake is really huge, covering over 130 hectares. In the last century it was the main source for the Rochdale Canal (in North West UK) and in the 19th century a tourist resort developed here. No wonder, because this place attracts the attention of everyone who passes by or stops here for a while.

This place made such an impression on me and that's why I decided to come back here. I like to watch people walking around this lovely lake and the floating boats, kayaks and yachts.

Canada geese, which live here in groups, are also impressive. Small cafes, bars and restaurants add the atmosphere of a seaside resort. In Victorian times this lake was known as The Weighver's Seaport.

Relaxing walk around lake is about 2.5 miles. There is also a bird watching hut and a picnic area on the way.

The lake is stocked with fish and includes common carp, tench, european perch, common roach and rudd.

Lots of birds sing in this very tranquil and picturesque area.

Along the way, white daisies marguerite grow along the path of walkers and pink phlox. Phlox grow even among the stones on the very shore of the lake.

Meadow Phlox is perennial wildflower which blooms with large clusters of pink in Hollingworth Lake Country Park. This flower love moisture and mulch around the roots, so this is a reason that it grow around the lake. These flowers will bloom here until early autumn.

The vibrant pink color of the petals and fragrant phlox flowers are like a magnet for bees and other pollinating insects, including butterflies and moths hummingbirds that hover in the sunshine.


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