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Remembrance Sunday in York

November is the only month of the year that I don`t like.

,,- Why?'' you may ask.

I don't like this month because the days are shorter and the sun sets faster, it's also colder and it rains more often. On the other hand, I don't fall into melancholy and I try to be outdoors often and see new places. It helps me during this period of low mood.

Less sun = more bad mood, so I have to walk more and be outdoors. Easy!

To change that mood into positive I went to one of most beautifu and historic towns in United Kingdom. Today I am in York (not NY:). This is a cathedral city in North Yorkshire, in England, with Roman origins.

I love it from the very beginning, when I was walking through a small park and seen the bridge in autumn yellow colours. Next, I heard a crowd and a march.

The parade progresses along the route of Eye of York, once of the well-known architectural attraction of York.

At the foot of mound of Clifford`s Tower is an open area which was a site of the medieval castle`s courtyard. In the past it was crowded with soldiers, officials, and merchants providing goods for the castle`s community and it was a busy place.

This area remained a focal point for civic life long after the castle disappeared. Public executions took place here in the 19th century and election results were announced.

Today, this place remains the geographical centre of Yorkshire.

Crowd and veterans play at main square in York, buildings around  and a tree in the middle
Remembrance Sunday York Copyright Agnes Romaniuk

The Rt Hon Lord Mayor of York, Reverend Councillor Chris Cullwick, said

“Remembrance Sunday has always been a very special day in York’s Calendar. This important day is an opportunity for us to come together to pay our respects and show our gratitude to our serving personnel, our veterans and most especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is an honour to be able to mark this day alongside residents and visitors to our city, and share our hopes for a peaceful future.”

Yellow and orange, green trees in fall in park, bench in the middle
Autumn painted in the park Copyright Agnes Romaniuk

That day, I unexpectedly took part in Remembrance Day🌺, even though it was Sunday and a day later.

I wondered, why my daughter had run ahead of me without waiting, but it turned out that that day there was a march around Clifford's Tower in York in memory of those who sacrified their lifes in war. The view from the street is amazing.

And then my child asked me, "Why is that lady shouting left, right, left, right?"

You can see my short movie on my YouTube channel about this march. Hope you like it. You can make a comment too. Enjoy.

Next time I will write more about my visit to York and Clifford`s Tower. It is beautiful town indeed!


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