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Scottish Highland Cows Near Edinburgh

I am in Edinburgh and the surroundings and this is my first visit to Scotland. Actually, I should say in the Scots language ,,It`s ma first visit tae the Scotland''. Ma means ,,my'' and tae means ,,to''.

Before my destination, I stopped at Pentland Hills Regional Park, which is just on the outskirts of this stunning town.

Pentland Hills has very breath -taking views of the countryside and walking paths. It's a protected landscape containing a rich mosaic of heather moorland, reservoirs, woodlands and hills.

Here in the woods I can hear the birds singing, the gentle mountain stream gurgling, and from the steep and wooded peak I can admire the spectacular skyline of Edinburgh.

I see many walkers with dogs, friends and children. Even one man going down from the highest point washed his face in the rushing hill stream. The water is really cold and refreshing.

a camel colour of Scottish Highland Cattle grazing on the grass
Close meeting with Scottish Highland Cattle Copyright © Agnes Romaniuk, April 2023

I had a nice time in Edinburgh and returned to Pentland Hills on my last day. Swanston is a place where I see beautiful trees and flowers up the hill from the picturesque cottages.

My goal is to see the highland cows that are famous throughout Scotland and around the world. From the information displayed along the way, I read that these iconic cattle were raised in the Pentland Hills, and in warmer weather they were often found on the tops of the Caerketton and Allermuir hills. So I go there as suggested via the path that is steep and bumpy and covered with lots of water streams from the hills. I pass the gate with the board BEWARE.

Cattle and sometimes sheeps graze on this Hill. The Highland Cattle are friendly despite their appearance. If you ignore them they will ignore you. Give them a wide berth. If you, your children or your dogs worry then they might worry you.

Behind me and in front of me I see similar enthusiasts going to see cows like me.

On the way there are plenty of gorse shrubs and there is even a famous cross, seen from Edinburgh Castle and even from a satellite. Gorse shrubs form the shape of a cross and I can see it with my own eyes.

Finally, I see the first cow grazing right next to the path where I'm walking.

I heard that those cows have a gentle, relaxed nature and will usually move out of the way as soon as you pass by.

On the way, a jogging man passes me and immediately strokes the animal in a gesture as if he wanted to hug a cow. He also tells me that she is friendly, but I should be careful because not all cows are good.

The road becomes more and more bumpy and steep, uneven. I saw more cows grazing around on the way. One of them is even black, and the others are reddish -brown color, with short legs and lush and curly hair almost like curls. Some cows have horns.

One of the cows stands in the middle of the path, quite close to me and starts mooing and it is clearly visible that she is calling the other cows or marking her presence in the herd. Some cows sit on the grass and graze relaxing, while others pass from one side to the other. I made the movie about the highland cow which you can see on my Youtube channel.

I reached the sign where there is a fork in the paths leading to the top or to a place where you can admire the panorama of Edinburgh.

I keep passing people jogging in this area. I am the only person from our group who is high up and can admire Edinburgh from above, the rest give up unfortunately.

Sadly, developers plan to build in this stunning place a campsites and commercial centre in and around tranquil Swanson Conservation Area, which holds Outstanding Conservation Area status.

I am proud of myself, although some may consider it a ,,wee'' feat. By the way ,,wee'' in Scottish means ,,small'' . It was only a wee walk and I was on top.


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