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South Stack Natural Beauty not Found Anywhere Else

If I were ever to recommend a place resembling a blue lagoon, it would definitely be South Stack in Anglesey, which is also a natural nature reserve.

A view on nature beauty with the white  lighthouse and another white building in foreground, brown and green heather and blue sea and sky
South Stack Natural Beauty from RSPB site view point Copyright Agnes Romaniuk Nature Photography & Illustrations

The first look at the sea from the high cliff right next to the RSPB site makes a stunning impression, and the distant white and majestic lighthouse complements it.

The South Stack Natural Beauty is surrounded by rocks and the water is perfectly clear and gives the impression of a blue, romantic lagoon.

The weather was great for October and I don't remember the last time it was this warm.

This charming place is located almost at the end of the peninsula in Wales. Throughout the day, people can be seen wandering here either individually or in groups, and everyone wants to see not only the famous and historic lighthouse but also the abundance of birds.

South Stack is surrounded by flora and fauna found nowhere else. It is distinguished by heaths, meadows, coastal cliffs and still and flowing waters. I learned from a local guide at the lighthouse that dolphins also appear here. Unfortunately, I didn't see any, but there are plenty of rare birds here.

The cliffs are home for the largest seabird colonies of breeding auks in North Wales, and also guillemots, razorbills, fulmar, kittiwake, peregrine and my favourite puffins.

The magnificent rocks and cliffs overlooking the island are a real sensation. I have read that they are around 570 million years old and are some of the oldest rocks found in southern Britain.

This is not the end of the story about this wonderful place, so keep your eyes peeled and visit WALK BEYOND HORIZON again soon.



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