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Spring joyful enthusiasm

We finally have spring. The calendar spring falls on March 21.

The first signs of spring this year were already visible a few weeks earlier, when the first flowers from the bulbs jumped out of the ground and the first buds of leaves appeared on the twigs.

For me, spring is all about a new beginning. It is also considered by many to be a symbol of rebirth.

Spring has always been very inspiring for me. Maybe it's because nature is waking up from its winter slumber, the snow is melting; birds are starting to form pairs and make nests, and the same thing is happening in the animal world.

A few days ago I noticed that more birds appeared on the trees, which I pass by every day. I could hear their joyful singing. I can see and hear a lot of blackbirds. I even recorded these wonderful sounds on my phone.

The black male attracts the brown-feathered female. The moment when I could see this cheerful little bird with a yellow beak singing loudly and delightfully is very fascinating. I could listen to it for a long time, because it is a very relaxing sound, soothing the nerves, perhaps even better than classical music.

In spring, I also like warmer sunbeams warming our faces and longer days. The morning and late afternoons and evenings become brighter. Spring flowers delight with a variety of colours that even a rainbow probably does not have so many colors in it.

Just on the terrace, I can enjoy the flowers planted in autumn, such as sapphires, daffodils, narcissi, hyacinths, tulips and some shrubs and trees - ornamental cherries, forsythias, almonds.

Blue Sapphires and Cherry tree flower - Photo Ag ©, March 2023

It is now that I have an incredible surge of energy and I like go out more often to the garden and the park. I think it's not just me, but I see more walkers around now. Everyone would like to breathe fresh air and admire the beauty of nature around them.

Some gardening enthusiasts are slowly starting to clean up their gardens. Last weekend was a surprise for me, because nature has changed a lot around. Pastel blue and pink hyacinths popped up like mushrooms after the rain. The flowering almond tree has small rose-shaped and delicate flowers on its branches, while narcissi and daffodils wave happily in the wind and sun in their vibrant warm yellow colour.

Just look how beautiful they are.

A group of yellow Daffodils in vibrant color and green leaves, Ag March 2023
Daffodils in vibrant yellow color - Ag ©, March 2023

Almond Tree rose-shaped flowers & pastel blue, pink hyacinths- Photo Ag ©, March 2023

I recently built a small insect house so that the insects waking up from their winter lethargy could settle down. Maybe the wild bees are settling in again, as they did last year. They will help pollinate flowers and fruit trees such as apples and cherry trees.

In spring, I like to look out the window after waking up in the morning and watch the beauty of nature for a while, and the mornings are not as gloomy and dark as use to be before.

John Muir

"Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm."


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