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Squirrel Nut Cache Game in the Park

Squirrel`s head drawing in brown and black with big eyes and small paws
Squirrel illustration Copyright Agnes Romaniuk

Squirrels are cute little creatures that you can often see walking around the park. My family went for a walk to a nearby park and had a nice encounter with a squirrel. Our children even wrote a few sentences about her and made a video about the squirrel on their blog here:

Squirrels have a really varied diet, from tree nuts and seeds like pine and sweet chestnut, they also eat mushrooms, berries, lichens, flowers and even birds eggs.

Those rodents do not hibernate, so they store or cache food to help them survive in winter.

Squirrels are amazing acrobats. They have double jointed ankles and they can turn they back feet around when coming down tree trunk. Their beautiful tails not only keep them warm but also help them to balance.

Those little creatures can jump up to 20 feet and have a special pads on their feets to cushion them from such long jump.

Squirrels build a drey, which is a nest high in the tree. It is a ball - shaped nest made of twigs and leaves, and lined with fur, feathers and leaves for a warmth.

On the short movie of my kids you can see squirrel flick its tail. This is for comunication. Squirrels can communicate different messages to other squirrels.

I love these animals, no matter if they are gray or red. Both species of squirrels are beautiful little rodents, which I have written about many times on my blog. You can also see my illustration above and watch a short video about them on my YT channel AG R .


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