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The Birds of the Parks

Recently I went for a walk in the park to enjoy the last autumn colours.

The day was unusually warm and sunny for November.

There were lots of people walking in the park that day. There were also a lot of birds, so I could see how they behave, what poses they adopt, spread their wings, move their tails, and even listen to beautiful bird sounds.

In the autumn, on sunny and warm days, some of the birds come to parks to feed, rest, shelter or spend the night.

They sing, and at the same time very intensely, like, for example, the blackbird I saw in the park.

I couldn't take my attention away from a male blackbird with a yellow beak, who was hunting earthworms in the tall grass.

Blackbirds live in gardens, parks, thickets, hedges, broad-leaved and coniferous forests.

These birds are real specialists in hunting bugs.

Pulling out the worm from its corridor can last up to several minutes and sometimes seem for very hard wrestling.

The blackbird stops and suddenly pecks at a specific spot in the soil, then pulls out the worm.

Sometimes these attempts end with the breaking off a piece of the earthworm.

Blackbirds also eats insects and their larvae, arachnids, snails and other invertebrates, and in autumn and winter - fruits from trees and shrubs.

They like a dense lawns and trees.

I was lucky enough to see the Robin on that day and even it was a short moment, this small and cute bird amazed me with its beautiful colours of the feathers.

Robins like old parks and gardens with rich trees. However, they are very skittish. Every time I managed to approach for a moment with the camera, it immediately flew away to the next place. I also don't know if it was male or female, they look similar.

I really enjoy looking at birds and the great variety of colors of bird feathers and the different types of patterns, spots, lines and stripes on their plumage. Not only bird feathers are colorful.

The colors of the bird's beaks, eyes, eyelids and legs are also different.

These various colorful and complex patterns of feathers make an amazing impression on me - white, black, red and brown give a wonderful effect.

The magpie is nicely and contrastingly colored only with the use of white and black.

Not all plumage colors are visible in birds perched on a branch or on the ground and are more intensive in birds that are in motion or flight.

The colors of birds shows their fullest and beautiful only in good sunlight. With the right angle of incidence of the sun's rays, additional qualities of the plumage are revealed, like the magpie I saw had feathers that gleamed metallically in purple and green.

During my walk around the small pond in the park, I spotted a heron during its daily routine of cleaning its feathers. I was very lucky to spot such a bird in the park, because these long-legged birds are very skittish.

Although this bird does not have multi-colored plumage, but only shades of gray, its long legs and spreading wings are very attractive.

Heron lives in the coastal shallows. Often lurks for pray in the form of fish or frogs. I shooted photo of it while cleaned its feathers and used secret antibacterial agent. I think it ruffled its feathers so much itself to attract another female heron.

Herons are extremely active during the day and can spend many hours in the water without moving to finally catch a fish.

I even had an adventure while filming this bird in the park, it suddenly flew to the other side of the lake and landed near the bridge where people were walking. I ran after him for a good few minutes, trying not to scare him, but unfortunately I did not manage to observe him while fishing.

You can watch more of my videos with the birds here :

Birds like woods, especially tall trees, fruit trees, hedges, plantings and plants that provide food, i.e. rich in fruits and seeds.

I want attract to my garden more singing birds, like robins and blackbirds. I will try leaving some mealworms and small berries, which are their favourite.

I love watching and listening, especially in the morning, to the charming concert of birds and I think that it is the song of the blackbird that is so beautiful. If I could encourage him to visit my garden, he could also clean up the snails and grubs that often feed on and destroy my plants.

I will use birds tables, placing the food near my high bushy lawn with clover. It will give to those birds the natural shelter to return after eating.

And what ideas do you have for inviting birds to your garden or yard?


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