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The Urban Blossom of Cherry Tree

The last weekend of February I went to Manchester and had a great walk day.

Splendid pink color of the Cherry Blossom tree, 26 February 2023
Splendid pink color of the Cherry Blossom, 26 February 2023

I focused on all the places where I had never been before.

This time it could not be otherwise, and I was looking for signs of the coming spring.

Walking through the narrow streets, I came across Sackville Gardens, which is a small public, ornamental space and just minutes from the city centre, busy station and in the heart of the rainbow village.

At the entrance to the garden there is a statue of a bee that greets every passerby.

It reminded me of the time when in Manchester similar statues were placed all around and waited to be discovered by people. Each of the bees has been designed in a different style and branded the unique buzz of the town and as a part of the ,,Bee in the City'' sculpture trail.

The bee is brightly colored and her eyes reflect Alan Mathison Turing's portrait. I didn't realize who he was in Manchester until I walked into the garden.

You can imagine how the green and vivid garden highlights among the concrete and buildings, like a nice eye — catching spot.

Even though it was the end of February, there was a gorgeous and charming pink cherry tree at one point in the middle. I tried to photograph this tree, but I wasn't the only one who admired it. There were more people around who had exactly the same idea, gathered around and tried to capture the moment. It was fun to watch them pose around the tree at times.

Walking along the pathway, I saw on the lawn the crocuses in yellow, blue and white which were spread everywhere. Near the fences appeared white snowdrops and multicoloured primroses. The red, yellow and blue primrose flowers matched the thorax of the bee sculpture. It was an incredible experience to see so many stunning flowers in one place, among the sleeping and still wintry urban nature.

There is also a bench monument of Alan Mathison Turing, who held an apple in his hand-a symbol of Newton and the Eden apple tree. He was a part of the team at the University of Manchester, who made most of the breakthroughs in the development of the computer and is also a symbol of the rainbow community in Manchester.

I really admire Sackville Gardens, which is truly a gem in Manchester, where you can spend nice time in nature and bask under the blossom tree if you get a chance. ☺️

It is a well-deserved place in the city, and every single tree and shrub growing in the garden filters harmful pollutants from the air and gives us shade in the summer, so they are much needed.

All these flowers and trees in the garden are great for pollinators that have slowly started to feed.

I also noticed there was one hero, who used the garden as his own home and who didn't liked people making noises and trampling flowers.

Next time, if you are close to Manchester city and wander through here, come and see this ROYGBIV place. Sackville Gardens is a place very worth seeing and maybe you see what is beyond the horizon.


ROYGBIV is the acronym which stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, so all colors of the rainbow and the flowers in Sackville Gardens.

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