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Head of red Tulip in my back yard garden on the green background, Copyright © Agnes R., April 2023
Tulip in my back yard garden, Copyright © Agnes R., April 2023

As promised in the previous post, I will write fascinating information about plants and flowers. The next flower that I must mention is tulip. But don't worry, this time I won't write 19 interesting facts or 10 facts about tulips.

Tulips are easy to grow. If you plant the bulbs in the ground in early fall, you're sure to have a carpet of colorful tulips next spring. They come in many colors and varieties, as well as hybrids. It's amazing how fast they grow in early spring and now is their prime flowering time.

Some sources say that "tulip" means perfect and deep love, and these flowers were often given to the beloved people in life - mother, father, partner, husband, grandparents, etc.

Tulips prefer positions in full sun, drained and quite rich in humus. After flowering, the bulbs should be harvested when the leaves begin to turn yellow and stored in a dry place until next fall.

If you ask me which variety is my favourite, I will say that I love all wonderful tulips, regardless of the color and shape of the petals. I planted a lot of these bulbs last fall, and now I can admire tulips in a rainbow of colors, from yellows, reds, to pinks and purples. In April, I will call the month of tulips in my garden.

If you don't have a front garden or a small patio, don't worry. You can plant a bulb in a small pot or an old ceramic mug. There are many ideas for arranging such flowers. So get to work.

Above Tulips in varieties of the colours, Copyright © Agnes R, April 2023

Planting bulbs flowers like a tulips is beneficial for the early pollinator which aweaken early have a lot of food sources.

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