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Walk Along Canal

Picturesque canal pathway with bridge, © Ag Romaniuk 2023
Picturesque canal pathway with bridge, © Ag Romaniuk 2023

March encourages us to walk and discover new places or visit those with whom we have good memories.

For me, such a place is the Dunham Massey area on the canal, where I was a long time ago.

The area is really picturesque, as if taken out of an idyllic photograph. Around there are many pastures, rural, tiny and charming houses.

Yellow daffodils have bloomed there, and also snowdrops, crocuses and primroses are still in their prime time.

You can also hear the chirping of sparrows, which is amazing because I haven't heard or seen those birds for a long time. It's nice to hear them again.

The path I followed towards the canal is surrounded by bushes and tall hedges, and among them you can hear the singing birds which are hidden among the branches.

Walking along the pasture, I also came across grazing cows, and a heron was walking around them. Herons like such places because of the tall grass and the nearby canal.

I made a short film about this bird and a few photos from a distance. Some of the walkers looked at me incredulously, and probably wondered why I was filming cows.

Along the canal I spotted the common yellow gorse. Against the background of gray and still winter nature, this shrub looks impressive. This evergreen shrub can usually be found on woodland edges, ungrazed pastures and wastelands.

March is the typical flowering period for this shrub and usually between January and June.

The bushes of these shrubs are shelters for several birds and source of nectar for bees and other pollinators.

Yellow common gorse at the canal Dunham Massey, © Ag Romaniuk, 2023
Yellow common gorse, © Ag Romaniuk 2023

The canal and the path along which I walked are very charming. I also noticed a lot of narrowboats along the banks and two sailing ahead. Their smiling owners waved and greeted me.

Along the shore I saw tents set up. However, it was very clean and tidy. I didn't see a single litter, which of course speaks very well of the people living there or staying overnight.

When I was in this place many years ago, I did not see so many barges and tents in one place at once.

You can listen to sparrows song and watch heron on my You Tube channel here:

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