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Afresh Hike Along the Pendle Sculpture Trail

It is afresh nice walk over festive time to the Barley, an award winning village in ,,Pendle Witch country'' of Lancashire. It looks very charming and quiet.

My walk starting along the river White Hough Water with destination to Pendle Sculpture Trail. The river itself is set in woodlands with pleasant pathway, stone walls and small water streams.

The river flows quickly and I can hear the great sounds of birds and tone of the water. The addition to this delightful view are walkers with both children and dogs. Some people stop for a while to admire the surroundings.

When passing the bridge you can see this stream flowing along the green stones covered in the moss. Some of them even look similar to the creepy and mysterious thing. Some of the trees roots spread far beneath the ground, looking for water. They help make the river cleaner by holding onto the soil which could wash into the stream. The birds like to hide here between the trees branches, twigs and hedges. I could see a few birds hovered above the branches and the river. Most of them are beautifuly chirping black birds and sparrows. I can take a deep breath and look up for the trees along the river. There is a lot of trees, mainly the ancient oaks. Many of them are covered in lichens and moss which mean that the air is very clean, as the whole Barley village.

Heading to the Pendle Sculptures Trail

Every time I return to Barley, I get lost in the many paths that crisscross the village.

When you pass all these charming small cottages along the village, the next is the Black Moss reservoir and Lower Black Moss reservoir. Both are in the Forest of Bowland area of outstanding natural beauty. They keep local streams like Pendle Water topped up.

The pathway wind finally to the Aitken Wood and Pendle Sculpture Trail.

With the local artists was build impressive ,,witch - inspired sculpture trail'' along paths in Aitken Wood. Walk the track along the side of the upper reservoir and a few distance you`ll see the start of it on your right.

The forest is part of the most beautiful countryside with moors and valleys in the North West, UK. The local map in Barley shows, that the path sculpture trail is about 45 minuts walk from the village and allow at least 2 hours round trip. But if you are such enthusiast of walk, as I am it will be last much longer. The trail is set up in very athmospheric scenery of the forest trees- spruces and pines and with lichens and moss at the foreground.

The intriguing range of sculptures is inspired by the story of the Pendle Witches of 1612. The village and the area are famous for their links to The Pendle Witch Trials events which took place in the 17th century. The sculpture trail is an artistic vision of history surrounded by incredible nature. Among those sculpture is Roger Nowell, the Magistrate responsible for trying the witches, unicorn and Black Dog, mythical Fairy and steel sculpture of the witches.

,,Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns''.

A walk in this place reminding me of a story of a little girl in a new skirt and shoes who really wanted to see a Unicorn sculpture. Suddenly she started "swirl and twirl" and, dazed, fell straight into the mud. I remember her parents' faces when they trying to pick her up.

Fortunately, this time no one landed in the mud.

a grey unicorn sculpture stands on the brown ground and with pine trees inbackground
Unicorn sculpture at Pendle Sculpture Trail

Did you walk between festive time ?

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